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Lora SX1278 433MHz UART

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1. Interface: UART 2. Power: 20dBm 3. Distance: 3000m 4. RF connector: SMA-K 5. Frequency: 433MHz (410-441MHz) 6. Dimension: 24x43mm 7. Slot: SMA

Electrical parameter:

1. Frequency band: 410 – 441MHz, default: 433.0MHz, channel:32, 1MHz stepped frequency,Recommending frequency: 433±5MHz, 2. Connector: 1*7*2.54mm,plug-in 3. Supply voltage: 2.3 – 5.5V DC (Note: the voltage higher than 5.5V is forbidden.) 4. Communication level: UART, USART 5. Operation range: About 3000m(test condition:clear and open area& maximum power,antenna gain: 5dBi,height:> 2m,air date rate: 2.4Kbps) 6. Transmitting power: Maximum 20dBm(100mW)| four optional level(0-3),step by 3dBm 7. Air data rate: Default 2.4kbps, can be configured to 0.3,1.2,2.4,4.8,9.6,19.2Kbps 8. Standby current: 2.0uA(mode 3,M1=1,M0=1) 9. Transmitting current: 110mA at 20dBm 10. Receiving current: 14.5mA(mode 0 or mode 1) | minimum 30uA(mode 2 + 2s wake-up time) 11. Communication interface: UART, 8N1,8E1,8O1, eight kinds of UART baud Rate, from 1200 to 115200 bps 12. Driving mode: UART can be configured to push-pull/high pull, open-drain 13. Transmitting length: 512 bytes buffer,58 bytes per package 14. Receiving length: 512 bytes buffer,58 bytes per package 15. Address: 65536 configurable addresses(easy for network, broadcast and fixed transmission) 16. RSSI support: Built-in intelligent processing 17. Sensitivity: -130dbm at 0.3Kbps ( sensitivity has nothing to do with serial baud rate and timing) 18. Antenna type: SMA-K (External thread hole, 50 ohm impedance) 19. Operating temperature: -40 to +85℃ 20. Operating temperature: 10% to 90% 21. Storage temperature: -40 to +125

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